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Generate Leads with Leaflets and Grow Your Restaurant Business

If you are the owner of a restaurant, a vital component of your marketing and sales strategy is coming up with creative means to promote your restaurant. Spreading the name of your restaurant and getting customers inside to taste your treats is important to stay in business and for that direct marketing in households and streets can be a rewarding option for you, helping you drive sales all through the year. Pamphlet, flyer or leaflet delivery is one of the most sought after direct marketing tactics, and has brought in a lot of customers for restaurant businesses.

Now the point is where would you deliver or distribute your promotional materials. It entirely depends on your target audience, and it goes without saying that you have to be present in places your target market frequents. Here go some great ideas for leaflet or pamphlet delivery in Sydney.

Distribute your leaflets or flyers at coffee shops and college campuses

Coffee shops and college campuses are the most appropriate place to find college students, who love to check into an affordable restaurant and enjoy. They are most likely to turn in after their daily classes, perhaps in the evening or at night. So, to attract this group you can offer nightly specials and create flyers, leaflets or pamphlets highlighting these specials. Go for hand to hand leaflet delivery at the cafes and campuses in your neighborhood for a good return on your investment.

Remember the audience that you have chosen would be looking for affordable ways of enjoyment. Hence if you provide all the nightly specials in your leaflet, they will have more than a single reason to hop into your restaurant.

Leave leaflets at residential or local business letterboxes

This is a wonderful option, especially if your restaurant offers takeaway service (as most restaurants do). All you need to do is simply go for letterbox delivery in Sydney and drop in leaflets or flyers promoting your business as well as containing a brief overview of the menu you are offering. This is highly lucrative for busy families and professional workers.

For this promotional campaign, you may either include all the items you would be serving or choose a selected few to be mentioned in your leaflet, along with a discount offer. Note that if your customers can figure out a well-balanced meal in your ‘brief’ menu, your job is more than half done. Once you have decided upon your sample menu, design the leaflet accordingly and go for the distribution process. There are high chances that you will get good number of responses from hungry people on the move.

Leave leaflet at the very counter of your restaurant

It’s indeed great if you already have customers coming to you. Make the most of this opportunity. If customers are there in your restaurant, it means that they are happy with your service, so what you can do is bring them back again by offering some kind of a discount exclusively for existing customers. Include it as a “Thank You” discount to make your customers feel pampered.


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